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«Take in the brow!» Quin hounded over the gangway, handed an envelope to the petty officer who had appeared to superintend casting off our lines, sprang light-footedly back. Jim was ready for it, stooping as before. Where it hit our superstructure a film of milky-colored ice began to form, blurring her outlines. There was just time to step off the ladder onto the tiny conning tower space to, get out of the way of the first lookout scuttling by. Tom had been handling depth controls for years кудир 2017 доходы-расходы скачать бланк and he knew his job. Once the scope was fully elevated, образец договора на уборку помещений he spun it around twice rapidly, then ordered, «Down periscope!» stepping away slightly as the shiny tube started down into its tubular well in the deck. Could that have been the система управления охраной труда на предприятии образец скачать thought prompting the peculiar expression on his face when he said I could get кудир 2017 доходы-расходы скачать бланк one, eventually, if I really wanted one? The Qualification Board was looking expectantly at Jim. And yet, having started the train of events, I was powerless to stop it.

«You’re kidding! «Six-seven-double-oh!» said Keith, who had shifted his attention to a dial at the base of his side of the instrument.» «Port thirty,» muttered Keith, spinning two of the concentric celluloid кудир 2017 доходы-расходы скачать бланк discs carefully with his thumb. After all, it takes over a year to build a fleet-type форма горка в мультикаме submarine. Jim apparently took no notice. The light must образец заполнения форма 3 ндфл за 2017 год have lasted only a few seconds. Jim waited nearly a full minute, then «Up periscope» he ordered.

«Four and-a-half, sir. The gurgle of water, hurly-burlying up the sides of the bridge and conning tower, the sudden darkness as the заполнение формы 0503123 tiny glass «eye-ports» went бланк заявление о расчете больничного по законодательству 2017 г under, and the пример заполнения упд quietness when fully submerged. This is the essence of the submerged approach-except that if the target zigged, Jim’s tactic of running blindly would almost certainly put him out in left field. Then, looking over his shoulder, this time, «Rudder amidships, all back full. All three board members looked up at me quickly. As Number Four, our stern line, came in, S-16 remained moored only by Number One line from our bow to a corres- ponding cleat on the dock. But I didn’t expect their marriage to hinge upon his qualification for command of submarines.

Every move of a submarine malting an approach is at the sole behest of the Approach Officer; it was up to Jim to make the correct observations and give the right orders. He was the senior skipper in our squadron, and had already received his official orders of detachment from the S-48, though there was as yet no sign of his relief. I was morally sure that Jim, despite his good qualities, was not yet ready for an independent command of his own. «Take it easy, old man,» I said. He rushed right by my beginning remonstrance. In a moment came another signal:

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